Located in the Joo Chiat locality towards the eastern side of Singapore, the Joo Chiat Complex is a mall of much cultural significance. Once known as Changi Market, the complex was an important trading point for Malays, Indians and Chinese in the 1960’s and still remains so to date. While it can accurately be referred to as an old-school kind of mall, it has outlets that sell products that feature a fine blend of Malay, Chinese and Indonesian cultures.

Below are some adventures that you can get away with on a visit to the complex:

Sample a wide array of traditional crafts and artwork

The locality in which the Joo Chiat Complex is found is widely known for its rich mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures. Therefore, among the merchandise that you will find on sale at the complex are traditional craftworks and pieces of art depicting styles from these cultures.

If you are looking to buy cultural pieces of jewellery and mementoes, you will have a fine variety to choose from at this complex.

Select from a generous variety of textiles and garments

Perhaps the most notable products on sale at this complex are the ethnic clothing offered by different vendors. From ready-made traditional wears to fabrics that can be used to make different styles of attires, Joo Chiat Complex offers both men and women a variety to choose from.

You can also find unique curtain pieces and a wide variety of upholstery to take back home with you.

Try various cultural foods

Obviously, an important aspect of every culture is the foods it prepares. In this regard, at the Joo Chiat Complex, you can sample different tastes of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian cuisines. There are a number of dishes that feature a mix of cultures for that exquisite taste.

Tailoring services

Some of the stalls inside the complex are leased by tailors that can help make your attire from the fabrics purchased there. Experienced mainly in making Malay and Chinese styles, you can nonetheless get prolific craftsmen and women that can pull off a variety of styles for you.

These tailors also offer repair and modification of clothes that have already been designed and sewn.

The mall usually opens as early as 9.00 am and is expected to close by 10.00pm on most days. It is especially busy during Hari Raya which is a celebration of the end of the month of Ramadan.

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