3 Awesome Perks Of Simply Removing Your Facial Hair

If you’re already removing your body hair, why don’t you add your facial hair while you’re at it? Facial hair removal has been gaining traction amongst ladies, and with good reason too!

Though they are deemed to be ineffective, our SHR technology can deliver the best results even for tiny areas such as the upper lip. Furthermore, it can accommodate those who possess sensitive and/or more melanin, so you wouldn’t have to worry about discolouration. On that note, do remember to always put on your sunscreen regularly!

Moreover, since they appear so much lighter and less coarse than body hair, many would engage with hair removal services done by professionals to rid those pesky hairs.

Here are a few perks you’d enjoy if do remove your facial hair!

1. Clear and smooth skin

Similar to any body hair removal, the removal of your facial hair will automatically make your face appear smooth to the touch.

Despite being less coarse than your body hair, these fine hairs are still casting shadows on your face, even if they may appear minute. Thus, your face will look radiant and brighter as a result!

This is even more so with our unique Princess Gel™. The plant-based microbeads contain moisturizing and whitening properties to give you smoother and fairer skin! This gel also has cooling properties that will not only guarantee maximum comfort, but also prevent any stinging or burns, which is highly important if your targeted area is your face.

2. Easy makeup application

Having destroyed the composition of your vellus hairs and effectively removing them, you’d end up with a smoother appearance.

This is a huge plus point for those who wear makeup on the daily, as having a smoother canvas also means more seamless makeup application. Prepare to say goodbye to patchy and cakey makeup!

That said, whilst you may marvel at the significant difference, do not jump the gun and apply makeup straight after. You’d only irritate the skin after a hair removal session. Instead, apply on using your skincare products diligently!

3. Look well-kept 24/7

Who doesn’t want to look well-kept? Proper grooming is essential if you wish to put out an excellent presentation of yourself.

An approach that will make you appear neat and tidy is, of course, facial hair removal. After all, there is a reason why we’d shape our brows often.

On that note, it’s best to consider hair removal treatments that remove hair shaft completely. Hair removal treatments such as Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatments will damage the hair follicle from the inside, which makes hair grow finer and slower as a result.

You wouldn’t have to worry about recurring peach fuzz for weeks! Besides, it also translates to less maintenance compared to your regular shaving.

Getting a laser hair removal treatment for your face may seem like overkill, especially in terms of cost. However, we’re here to tell you that you won’t have to worry as much! Our prices are highly affordable and completely transparent.

So don’t wait and book an appointment with us today! A radiant and smooth face is waiting for you.

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