3 Ways To Foster Concern Among Employees On Safety

Safety is an important topic that many people tend to overlook. As important as it may seem, safety is simply elusive to many. In the case of accidents occurring at a construction site, as a supervisor, you will need to account for the safety measures and precautions you took to ensure that everyone is secured. Thus, it is a matter that you cannot afford to take for granted. There are different training schemes to use, including the shipyard safety instruction course in Singapore, and many other safety courses. Here are a few ways to get your employees more concerned about safety:

Prefer positive reinforcement 

This will increase the behaviour of your employees in terms of safety. This means that instead of going hysterical at your employees over safety, do it in a friendly manner. Make it known to them that the measures are there to protect them from injuries and any looming danger. If possible, reward the employees who follow safety precautions to the latter. This will motivate others to work in the same direction. Using dictatorship and other sorts of negative reinforcement aren’t going to work, but instead causes fear and dislike. As a leader, make it your goal to instil responsibility for safety.

Make every employee feel appreciated and part of the entire process

You are never going to achieve safety alone. You will need the participation and cooperation of all the employees in the company. They need to feel that they are a part of the process and not subjected to it. It makes them feel special and ready to participate.

So, how can you make sure that everyone is participating and has the urge to maintain safety? Well, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is to ensure that all workers are reminded that their diligence to safety measures is an integral part of their workplace. Also, inform them that by maintaining safety measures, they are not only safeguarding their own lives but the lives of all their co-workers too.

Welcome feedback and suggestions 

Don’t be ignorant to the fact that you don’t know everything as a leader or boss. Due to this, you will need to listen in to the suggestions and feedback emanating from your employees. It is essential to reassure them that their feedback is meaningful and is taken into consideration. Also, when they finally come to you with suggestions, be sure to give them considerations. Never brush off any thought or idea, even if you think, in your discernment, that it is not right. Use employees’ feedback to make the right changes and fashion a way that matches the expectations of everyone at the workplace.

Lastly, learn to take action promptly, rather than delaying employees’ suggestions. It gives them confidence that you have them involved in the entire exercise of safety.

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