4 Great Tips On How To Take Beautiful Indoor Photos

We are all event photographers. With our camera-enabled smartphones, anyone can snap a picture anytime and anywhere. Photography is a hobby that requires skill, an eye for detail and mindful thought of the surroundings. Indoor photography, in particular, is a good first step into photography, as almost all natural elements – light, shadow, background – can be controlled.

Indoor photography is the forte of the best Photo booths Singapore operators. After all, we take professional and beautiful photos in the indoor photo booth. We don’t even need to spend time editing those photos before we hand them to guests. Each photo comes out crisp, focused and beautifully lit.

Here are some tips from us on how to take your indoor photos to the next level.

1. Understand lighting

Lighting can make your photos look incredible, or completely indiscernible. Have too much light and everything will be blinded. Have too little and nothing can be seen. In order to make the light work for you, you should adjust the aperture and shutter speed setting on your camera. Increasing aperture and decreasing shutter speed is better for low-light situations, and vice versa. Take note that not all cameras can work well in dimly lit settings. If possible, you might want to have another light source to help make everything more visible to the camera. That could be the torch on your phone, or on your friend’s camera phone. Either way, you’ll be able to get a great, well-lit shot if you keep these two factors in mind.

2. Be careful of backlight

When a light source, such as a lamp, is visible in the photo, it can be so powerful that it turns everyone into mere shadows. Try to avoid such situations. If you are taking a photo with a light source nearby, try to ensure that the light source is not in the frame of the picture. It is even better if you can position your subjects such that the light shines on their faces, so you can get a crisp, clear picture with all the definitions visible.

3. Watch where everything is positioned

With photographs, composition is key. Ensuring that there is a visual hierarchy in your photograph will make it easier for viewers to really understand what is going on. It also helps to balance out the space. For instance, with family group photos, it might be more beneficial to ask the taller people to sit, while the ‘vertically-challenged’ stand beside or behind them. This way everyone is seen in the photo and look to be about the same height – it signals to the viewer that all the people in the photo are equally important. You can manually move things around when you feel like the positioning of the items looks strange or awry.

4. Play with angles

Camera angles can greatly change the story of your picture. Lower angles tend to make everything look bigger, while higher angles tend to make everything look smaller. If you want to give the sense of a domineering subject or figure, try using a low angle shot. For group selfies, the higher the angle is, the better. Cameras can always be moved around to suit your needs.


The experience of managing professional instant photo boothsin Singaporehas really helped us to understand photography. Follow these tips and you’ll see your own photographs improve tremendously.

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