5 Economical & Affordable Maldives Holiday Packages

Maldives is one of the most acclaimed destinations for tourists. In this magical place you can live the best tropical and romantic experience. Each hotel gives you unmatched compliance and a fresh and exciting gastronomic concept.

Each package includes sightseeing tours and sports or water activities. The most prominent are diving and snorkelling. The main attraction of these aquatic activities is the proximity to animals such as turtles and whale sharks.

Any time is good to visit Maldives, as its temperature is usually constant almost all the time. The sun, the beach and the secluded tranquility is an ideal attraction for newlyweds.

There are great packages and deals that Maldives hotels provide to their visitors. Each one responsible for fulfilling the best vacation experience. Among the most economical and outstanding packages are:

  • Island paradise

This package includes 7 nights and 8 days with breakfast included for an amount of € 1,299 per person.

  • Riu Attol

For just € 1,779 per person, you can enjoy 10 nights with everything included.

  • Malihini Kunda Bandos

The cheapest option offers you 7 nights and 8 days with breakfast included for an amount of € 999 per person.

  • Holiday Island Resort

Have fun for 10 nights in Maldives for € 1,319 per person.

  • Riu Palace

In a luxury hotel you can enjoy with € 1,799, 7 nights all inclusive per person.

  • Canareef Resorts Maldives

One of the most complete packages offers you 10 nights for € 1,639 per person.

Star searching for a tour agency that offers Maldives holiday tour packages!

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