Choose The Perfect Ring In 4 Simple Steps

Confuse regarding how to measure your ring size to buy the perfect sized ring for yourself? Your tension is going to over, as today I will be guiding you four steps to follow to measure your ring size by using the Singapore ring size chart for women so that when you go shopping or when you are ordering online, you quickly purchase the ring without the fear of size.

1. Take a Paper

Grab a paper quickly, cut a strip which should be 15 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. Make sure that the measurement is entirely accurate. Cross-check it a couple of times to avoid any mistake.

2. Wrap the Paper on your Finger

The next step is to wrap the strip you have cut around the knuckle of your ring finger. Tightly wrap the strip and see where the strip has formed the complete circle. Point that area with the help of a marker.

3. Measure the Distance

Unwrap the paper carefully and lay it flat. Measure the distance carefully from the start of the strip till the mark you made while the strip was on your finger. You will be getting the circumference of your ring.

4. Ring Size Chart

Check the Singapore ring size chart for women and match your measurement with the size present in the chart. If your size is not available in the chart and is between two sizes, here is a pro tip for you, choose the larger one.

Final Thoughts

Follow these steps mentioned above, and I am sure that you will be getting the exact size ring. Download the Singapore ring size chart for women and match your measurements with it, you will find your sized ring. Order the ring of that size, and trust me, it will fit perfectly on you.

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