Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning The Bathrooms

Arguably the area that needs the most cleaning, the bathroom is one area that many that wish they could skip out of cleaning it. Whilst there’s no dirtier job than cleaning the bathroom, you can’t afford to leave it out from your general cleaning tasks either.

Common cleaning myths and tips may seem phenomenal, but still, there are a few pointers that are worth noting of. We’ve gathered 7 grimy cleaning mistakes that many unknowingly do when they’re cleaning the bathroom.

1. Using A Multipurpose Cleaner On Every Surface

Don’t be too taken in with the term “multipurpose”. Whilst it may say as such, it still doesn’t mean that you can use it for every surface of your home, including the bathroom. Each surface has their respective cleaning products and if you use one that isn’t suitable for a particular surface – say, an acidic multipurpose cleaner on a granite countertop – you’d only degrade the surface over time and decrease its shelf life.

2. Using Lemon-Based Products

You’ve probably heard that infusing lemon into your homemade cleaners does an excellent job at cleaning, and whilst this may hold some truth, you may still want to stay clear from lemon or lemon-scented cleaners at all costs.

Acidic cleaners have the tendency to wear down the rubber used in sinks and toilets, so be sure either avoid them or use them only on certain areas.

3. Mixing Acidic Products With Bleach

Whilst most won’t think to mix vinegar or other acidic products with bleach – but just in case, know that this isn’t recommended. In fact, it’s hazardous! The combination of these two products can create toxic chlorine gas that can cause acute damage to the upper and lower respiratory tract. Bleach is an effective cleaner on its own, so adding any other solutions is not necessary.

4. Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaner

Before you grab any drain cleaner off the shelf and place it in your cart, it’s best to think twice. Whilst they claim to clean your pipes, these chemical drain cleaners can also cause corrosion and damage.

Instead, opt for boiling water to remove any foreign material to clean your pipes without causing any sort of damage. You can also try snaking your drain as it works just as well.

5. Cleaning With Room Temperature Water

Surprisingly, the temperature of the water also affects the efficacy of your cleaning! Certain cleaners, such as alkaline ones, function better with warm water as the heat not only increases the activity of the surfactants, but also reduces oil viscosity on the surfaces. Since the bathroom is where you clean the excess sebum of your skin and hair, it’s safe to say that this particular attribute is crucial.

Thus, you may want to spray these surfaces with hot water before you start your cleaning.

6. Not Dusting Before Cleaning

Every cleaning enthusiasts know that one should dust before they clean. If you didn’t make dusting a practice, all you’d be doing is wiping and moving the dust from one place to another. Moreover, doing so wouldn’t remove the bacteria that you’re desperately trying to eradicate, as they would remain in the dust.

7. Putting Your Cleaning Appliances Away Wet

Before you congratulate yourself on a good job well done, remember to dry your sponges, toilet brushes and other cleaning appliances! Not doing so will only create a veritable petri dish where all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms can mingle and populate. Simply lay your appliances to let them dry completely before putting it back to where it was. You may also want to take it a step further by soaking it in an antibacterial cleaning solution to give it a good clean.

You wouldn’t want all the long hours you’ve spent dusting, wiping and scrubbing for all of it to go to waste. As such, be sure to take note of all these common mistakes and ensure that you’ve effectively cleaned your bathroom, and you’ve cleaned it well.

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