Discover How Effective Home Remedies Are At Ridding Termites

Termites are an unwelcome pest in the home, as they can cause damages to beloved wooden furniture and vital home structures. Oftentimes, the best measure against a termite infestation is to call in a termite control company.

However, there are plenty of do-it-yourself remedies as well, and you can easily find them on the internet. Yet, how effective are these methods? Here is a quick overview of some of these home remedies for termites.


Nematodes are microscopic organisms that can be effective against termites. This parasitic roundworm can enter the termite’s body, release bacteria, and poison the termites to death. You can obtain beneficial nematodes from a store, mix with water, then spray onto affected areas.

While people who recommend this method say that it is a natural method that is safe to humans and pets, it is not without its downsides. For one, nematodes are suitable only for treating smaller infestations. Additionally, as they are living organisms, they also require specific conditions to thrive and be effective – thus, too hot or too cold conditions will render them useless.


Probably the king of home remedies, vinegar is touted to have tons of benefits, from use in food to use for cleaning. The remedy for termite treatment involves mixing vinegar with lemon juice, and then spraying it where termites dwell. The acidity of the concoction will kill termites that ingest it.

While it seems effective in theory, it requires frequent application to work. Furthermore, it is quite difficult to reach the whole colony, as the mode of application can only reach termites near the outer surface.

Orange oil

Orange oil is an extract from the rinds of the orange fruit. The chemical component D-limonene works by dissolving termites’ exoskeletons and destroying their eggs. It is usually applied by drilling into the affected wood, then injecting the orange oil. While this is described to be a natural and non-toxic elimination method, some experts advise against it.

The efficacy of orange oil is only for certain types of termites, but not for subterranean termites. Plus, the product is not as safe as you think, as it is flammable and combustible, and can cause irritation to humans with prolonged exposure.

Why pest control is the best solution

As can be seen, most of the above methods work only if you know exactly where the termites are residing. In some cases, termites may have already spread to other areas of the home without your knowledge. So, treating just one area won’t be effective in solving the entire problem.

Most of these methods are also short-term and require frequent re-application. In contrast, pest control companies employ more rigorous techniques that aim to completely eradicate termites from your home. Using sophisticated methods and technology, they can detect and eliminate these pests and leave your home pest-free for a longer time.

On top of that, they can recommend and implement preventive measures to protect your home from future infestations.

If you think DIY methods can save you money, this might not be true, either. Considering the amount you will need to spend on the total course of applications, many times, calling up a pest control company is far cheaper, quicker, and more effective.

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