Everything You Should Know About Complementary Content

ROI, ROI, ROI. Most business decisions are made to maximise returns on investments, but there’s probably a lot of untapped potential that you haven’t explored in terms of marketing strategies that require little work, and reap great rewards. Of course, we’re here to talk about video marketing strategies – so what are some ways you can boost your ROI in this area?

Well, let’s introduce you to this thing called complementary content. With just a little extra effort, your audience receives a little extra love, and that can do wonders in bringing in higher quality leads. Here’s how it works.

What is complementary content?

Perhaps calling it ‘bonus content’ will ring a bell. Complementary content are what accompanies the main content that nails in and highlights your message. For example, if your main marketing content is a video, you might accompany it with an infographic which presents key points in a very summarised, digestible form. This has an added advantage of being friendlier to audiences, easily shareable, and requires not very much work on your part at all!

Warm the cockles of your leads

Cold leads are one way to get your marketing out to an audience – but let’s be honest: the chances of them turning into conversions and sales are pretty slim. Now, if you have some bonus content – say, free PDF guides, shareable infographics, a demo product or the like, you can turn that cold lead into a warmer, better quality lead.

How it goes is that websites typically ask users to submit their e-mails so that they can send these freebies to them. Although these people may not be interested in your brand right now, at least you are attracting people who are interested in related areas, who find value in what you put out.

Control the user experience

You probably don’t want your viewers to stop at watching just one video, and then forget about your brand for good. Having complementary content sets your brand up with more material, so that you can continue to engage your audience. Chances are, if they have watched one video, they are at least a tiny bit interested in what you have to offer. Complementary content builds on this to sustain interest by offering related information.

Soon, your brand will turn from unwanted advertising to something your viewers look to as advice and guidance. Essentially, what you are doing is to lead your audience to trust your brand and see it as helpful – thereafter, they are more likely to become customers and valued clients.

How do you create complementary content?

The great thing about complementary content is that you don’t actually have to rack your brains too hard to think of new content. Ideally, what you’re doing is to look at an existing concept that you have, and think of what other ways you can present this to your audience.

For example, if you are already going to launch a video, why not also pack up the information into a series of bite-sized Instagram posts? Perhaps, you can also write up a blog post on the topic to cater to those who prefer to read.

Complementary content can also be more interactive in nature. Say, a printable checklist that your audience can use for themselves, or a fillable Bingo sheet your viewers can easily edit and repost on their socials.

None of these will take up too much effort, since all the research and content is already there. All you are doing is repackaging it and doing a bit of value-adding. Most of all, you have to make sure your complementary content is relevant and useful.

The sky’s the limit! Get ready to welcome more leads and conversions once you’ve got your complementary content marketing plan off the ground. Many professional companies offering video production services also have marketing wings that can recommend you on the types of complementary content you can push out. We can handle social media video production and animation videos as well, giving you more options for a holistic content package.

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