Fall Prevention Measures To Practice At Construction Sites

Ensuring safety at a construction site should always be a top priority, and it is no less important with fall injuries. In 2014, research indicated that falls are the leading cause of deaths at construction facilities in Singapore. Whether it is building a new home, roofing, or moving from one high place to another, fall injuries are a significant concern and should not be dismissed. To prevent such accidents in future, necessary safety measures must be taken to safeguard the lives of construction workers.

Here are 5 important tips you should take note so that you can further protect your workers at construction sites.

1. Give Your Workers A Safe Workspace

Many construction sites may have dangerous unprotected openings which can lead to floor holes during construction. If no precautionary measures are taken to protect workers at these sites, then accidents are inevitable. One guaranteed way of keeping your workers’ safety in check is by ensuring that they wear a safety harness at all times when working in high places. This way, you can prevent fatal fall injuries from occurring.

Depending on the type of building you are looking at, you can choose to use one of the following: safety net systems, fall arrest systems, or guardrail systems. They are all effective in giving your workers a safe workspace and prevent fall injuries.

2. Provide Proper Equipment

Ensure that all workers and visitors wear hard hats, safety-toed footwear and gloves at all times when they are at the construction site. Proper equipment can also be the tools that your workers use daily, such as ladders. Falls from worn-out ladders are an area of concern at construction sites and should be inspected prior to using.

To further ensure proper safety regulations, you should ensure that the ladder is positioned in a pleasant and comfortable position.

3. Provide Proper Training for Workers

Ensure that your employees go through safety courses on how to use tools, equipment, and machinery. It is one way you can greatly prevent unnecessary fall accidents. Giving video presentation on safety measures will also give workers the attention on workplace safety on site

It is essential to hold weekly meetings so that you are able to update your workers on safety practices and precautions during construction. Constant communication is one efficient way to prevent fall accidents from happening.

4. Daily Clean-Up of The Site

Keeping the workplace clean and hazard-free is another integral way of ensuring a safe working environment. You should educate your workers on cleaning up the site at the end of every day as workers are more likely to fall due to unattended debris than on bare surfaces.

Working in a clean environment also makes it easier for your workers to move around and work, reducing other construction dangers significantly.

5. Daily Inspections

Before each workday resumes, you should task qualified personnel to inspect every equipment, machinery and tool that are going to be used during construction. Some other necessary materials that need to be checked include drop cords and electrical appliances.

As mentioned previously, ladders should also be checked frequently, especially those that are used to reach higher places.


It is crucial to ensure that your workers are prevented and protected from fall-related accidents in construction sites. Apart from following all of the mentioned safety tips above, it is important to educate your workers on fall prevention. By ensuring that they are properly protected and equipped with an occupational health and safety certificate, fall injuries can be greatly prevented at construction sites.

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