Finding The Best Pre-Wedding Photography Pre-Shoot Places

When going for a pre wedding photography in Singapore, it might seem additional stress and burden for a couple. It can cost up to thousands, especially in cases of a destination wedding. There are different ways to make it affordable and simple. Here are some of the money-saving hacks when going for Singapore pre wedding photoshoot.

Go natural and simple

Opt for the affordable package for a shorter period from one to 3 hours. If you are not that choosy of your outfits and shoot locations, it would be of great help. Stick to the casual looks instead of renting suits and gowns. If you have always desired to have destination pre-wedding shoot, you may go to the nearest locations and choose a local photographer.

Go thematic or budget-friendly when choosing outfits

If you have not bought any bridal package yet, which includes pre-wedding shoot, you do not have to go ala carte. You can find a lot of brides selling off their wedding dresses or gowns they have worn for their shoots. Most of them may have worn only once. Do your due diligence and go for reputable sellers, study their workmanship, reviews, and measurements before buying.

Create your own bridal bouquet

You may want to buy fake flowers and create your own bridal bouquet. If you still love real flowers, you can always go with wholesale flower markets. Create your own bouquet or get some help from a skilled friend or family member. It can be more personalized and sensible.

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