How To Choose A Funeral Planning Company For Your Needs

We all go uneasy when it comes to death and we usually avoid thinking of this topic until we end up in an unforeseen situation. Many people just do not have any idea of the funerals. This is why it is a very tough part of someone’s life. Therefore, it is better to think carefully and consider these points when looking for funeral services in Singapore.


Is the funeral home an independent enterprise or locally owned? Independent funeral homes are basically family-owned businesses that are known for their commitment. However, it does not mean independent ones provide poor service.

Ensure that the funeral home is associated with organizations like the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice or National Funeral Directors Association. These organizations have professional standards and they offer training, certification, and education.


You need to ask if funeral arrangements Singapore are outsourced or handled in-house. Some funeral homes are capable enough to manage everything and others hire outside providers. There are chances that the service costs could increase for some services.

Funeral Packages

Funeral homes should be able to provide everything you need from basic options to all-inclusive prices. All packages would cover a fee for professional and overhead expenses no matter which option you choose.

Basically, those packages are ranging from $1000 to $3500, including consulting for arrangements, initial requests, preparation of documents, and coordinating with cemetery and/or church.

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