How To Choose The Perfect Flowers According To Occasion

Flowers make fantastic gifts, whether it’s for your anniversary or a funeral. While it might seem like a simple task to pick a pretty-looking bouquet on display, there is a lot more thought that needs to be put into flower choice. Different flowers have different symbolisms so certain flowers may be more suitable than others depending on the occasion.

That’s why you must pick the right flowers to make sure that your gift doesn’t give off the wrong impression! What flowers should you choose for your next bouquet?

Here’s a guide on different flowers and their meaning for every occasion.

Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” more than the classic red rose. Roses are a timeless symbol of love and are one of the most popular traditional flowers to give to your significant other.  You can also add pink shades to the bouquet as they symbolise desire and admiration.

For a newer relationship, purple roses are fitting as they symbolise enchantment in a budding couple. However, steer away from yellow roses as those symbolise friendship rather than love. If your special someone isn’t into roses, you can opt for tulips as they communicate deep love as well.


There are a variety of flowers you can choose from to make a thoughtful birthday bouquet for a loved one. You can arrange the bouquet according to the recipient’s birth flowers or their favourite blooms.

Certain flowers also carry meanings that can be used to communicate the value of your relationship with the recipient. Yellow roses are great to include in a birthday bouquet for a friend. Other options include pink carnations to signify gratitude, jasmine for grace, geraniums for comfort and red chrysanthemums for sharing.

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Mother’s Day

You can’t go wrong with getting a bouquet of your mother’s favourite blossoms to shower her with some love on this special day. Roses, lilies and orchids are popular blooms for Mother’s Day.

Some alternative options are gerbera daisies to symbolise cheerfulness, daylilies for motherhood and pink carnation for gratitude – all are perfect for creating a vibrant bouquet that your mother will love!


You can send a floral arrangement to comfort the family of the deceased during a funeral. Chrysanthemums, lilies and orchids are widely used in funeral wreaths to represent bereavement, sympathy and honour. The colours of the flowers also come into play when signifying your intention.

As subtle colours like blue, white and green symbolise peace, calmness and humility, they’re used as a form of comfort during this time of grief. While not as common, bright colours like orange and red are also used at some funerals. These fiery colours invoke passion and energy, and are used to represent a celebration of life rather than mourning the departed.


Picking the right flowers to give your loved ones on a special occasion makes your gift all the more thoughtful. There are a wide variety of flora arrangement styles for you to choose from, so a bunch of vibrant blooms are a timeless gesture to show your love. If you’re thinking of gifting a bouquet to someone, get in touch with a florist in Singapore today!

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