How To Deal With The 3 Major Challenges In Language Learning

Taking that first step to learn a new language can be daunting, but once you get the hang of it, the language becomes much easier to learn – be it online or in classes. In fact, language learners don’t simply choose to learn a language because they want to, but because they feel that it is necessary, and it is the right thing to do. To get around the world safely and without stress or pressure, learning a language, especially for a country that you are travelling to, can help you tremendously.

Many people learn new languages for many different reasons. Some reasons include their love for the country they are travelling to, the culture, or for other personal reasons. The most important part of everything is that they still take their time in learning the language as much as possible. Challenges faced by these language learners supersede grammar, phonetics or vocabulary, and are challenges that could force people to lose interest and even quit learning the language altogether.

Should you decide to pick up a new language to learn, here are 3 challenges you should know.


Due to the lack of opportunities, many language learners don’t end up as the linguists they should be. This is because when an opportunity arises, you should look to grab it. The normal circumstances of language learning primarily happen in physical classrooms. This can prove to be detrimental as not many people have the opportunity to access the classroom. Thanks to virtual classes online, language learning can also happen outside of physical classrooms.

Due to the increasing presence of the internet, there is no shortage of online Korean courses you can access when learning a new language. Choose one that is physically established with accredited syllabus and trained native teachers so you know you’re getting the best language lessons available. Especially during this Covid-19 period, you can stay home and safe while picking up a new language.


No matter how much we try to deny it, the truth is that time is a significant challenge to language learners. Time is created for other things such as shopping, hanging out and much more but not for learning a new language. This is further extended when you don’t have access to the internet through your computer or your mobile phone.

How we utilise our time is important. Rather than dawdle on needless or unnecessary things, one of the best ways to overcome the challenge of time is to restructure our priorities. When your priorities are set, you would be able to discover the amount of time you have for the things that are much more important. This way, you will always have time for any language classes, whether it is online or physical.


Language experts can testify that fright is a challenge when trying to learn a language. When fear kicks in, a person can turn blank and clueless within a split second. While fright is inevitable when learning a new language, distracting your mind or facing the fear could help you better learn the language you desire.

In conclusion, many challenges that prevent you from learning a new language is tied to mental blocks. It can be difficult trying to overcome these challenges, but with active involvement and learning, it will only be a matter of time before you fully learn the language. With many online courses you can seek along with a wide variety of Korean classes in Singapore, overcoming your challenges is one of the main factors in learning the language you desire.

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