How You Can Prevent A Fire From Breaking Out At Home

Fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish or suppress the fire in sensitive areas where water is not required to extinguish the fire from a fire sprinkler. A suppression system can have different types of agents to combat the fire. Co2 fire suppression systems are very common in areas where there are no or few personnel. You need the fire suppression system by Co2 in areas like engine rooms, server rooms, museums, data centers, and flammable storage areas.

Co2 fire suppression systems are good at dealing with fires. However, Co2, as an extinguishing agent, is very harmful to the health of users in comparison to other agents. Due to this reason, Co2 fire suppression systems are widely used in non-occupied and sensitive areas.

How does a Co2 Fire Suppression System work?

In general, a fire needs fuel, oxygen, and heat to keep burning. A fire can be extinguished or suppressed by controlling at least one of them. Some suppression agents simply control the heat. Nevertheless, a Co2 fire suppression unit kills the oxygen to suffocate the fire. When this unit detects fire or smoke, it releases the CO2 into the burning area. In the space, the Co2 level may increase rapidly as oxygen level goes down and the fire is extinguished and suppressed.

CO2 is an odorless, colorless, and non-conductive gas, which does not leave any component behind. Hence, CO2 cannot affect any sensitive equipment in a protected space. It can also reduce costs and downtime. Once it is dispersed from protected areas safely, your staff can easily deal with smoke or fire damage and go back without doing any cleanup.

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