Orchard Property: 4 Key Reasons Why You Should Purchase

There are plenty of areas to invest in property or buy a new home in Singapore – however, those with the financial ability will usually focus their buys within Orchard.

The same goes for others looking for a new home; the majority tends to flock towards Orchard. However, why is it the case? What exactly about Orchard is so enticing and attractive that many would love to live in the area permanently?

Well, if these questions have been boggling your mind – fret not, we have a few reasons why that may be the case for many.

Location and environment

Many investors look for a location that suits their business. Therefore, it has to be at a strategic place that will attract the right market or demand. There are several spots near Orchard Road offering serenity and a comfortable environment for settling a family, or even as an individual.

Often people think that buying a property in Orchard means being close to all the rackets and bustling; however, plenty of homes close to this area have a peaceful and tranquil setting, which is ideal for families.

Meanwhile, a similar area with both serenity and amenities would be the River Valley area. If you want to consider getting a home with a lesser price tag, but with the same perks – the Starlight Suites is the place for you.

Rental potential

Orchard offers several prime locations, which are guaranteed to provide a decent return on investment. Moreover, Orchard Road is one of the most coveted areas by locals, overseas home buyers and even expatriates.

Therefore, most apartments and condominiums in this region have a huge rental potential. And as days go by, this potential keeps going up.

Especially since land in Singapore is scarce; this means that any prime location boasts of huge demand. Orchard is such a location, and it would be wise to secure an investment here.

Shopping belt

For certain, Orchard Road is known for its many shopping malls and luxury brands. It stretches up to 2km long with 3 MRT stops lining it, specifically Orchard, Dhoby Ghaut, and Somerset.

You don’t even have to necessarily visit a mall just to bag home some luxury goods or clothing – there are plenty of boutiques along the path as you travel from one shopping mall to another. You’ll stumble upon stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, and many other well-known stores.

There are over 35 shopping malls on Orchard, giving shoppers even more freedom of choice. This also gives investors a ready market for their real estate properties.

Range of amenities

While Orchard Road is indeed known for being the go-to destination for all sorts of shopping needs – there are many other things to look forward to as well.

For instance, you’ll find that many from overseas decide to purchase a luxurious condo in Orchard as they can look for medical help from renowned health facilities like Gleneagles Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

Aside from astounding medical facilities, you’ll also find tons of other choices which include dining, international schools, posh 5-star hotels, recreational activities, entertainment, pubs, and many other exciting amenities.

In other words, it’s the ideal area for just about anyone for its many activities and places available within the vicinity.

Among the many areas in Singapore, Orchard is, without a doubt one of the most enticing locations in our little red dot.

However, River Valley also makes for a rather attractive location – be it for potential homebuyers or investors. If you’re still on the lookout for a new home, there is a condo in River Valley for sale which you may consider getting. Just like Orchard, you’ll find there are many perks to living in River Valley.

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