Piano Lessons For Kids: How Much It All Adds Up To

Learning piano is known to have various benefits for the overall growth of your children. Nevertheless, you also have to consider the cost to help your child achieve a Grade 8.

Getting Started

Let us imagine your child has to learn the piano for one year to reach the next grade. At the beginner level, weekly basic piano lessons Singapore cost up to $40. When your child progresses to the upper grade, the cost adds up.

With that in mind, the average weekly session cost is around $55. Hence, you have to pay up to $22,880 in total ($50 x 52 weeks x 8 years).

How much does a new piano instrument cost?

If your child is passionate in learning piano, buying one is very vital. Without having a piano, a child cannot practice at home. A secondhand piano costs around $3000 and a brand new one costs up to $7000.

Are there exams to clear?

In order to prove proficiency, a child needs to undergo the ABRSM exam. The cost of attending Grade 1 practical is $185 and it adds up when difficulty rises. The highest of all is Grade 8, which costs $480. On the other side, Grade 1 theory exam costs $105 and Grade 8 costs $195. When you sum up the total cost of all the exams, it is $3640.

So, expect to bear around $4190 per year or $33,520 in 8 years. Also, add the time your child needs to practice properly and the effort it needs for perfection.

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