Should You Start Going For Nose Fillers Instead Of Surgery?

A beautiful nose is something that can truly add to the overall impact on the looks of a face. A nose is on feature of the face that is attended to since a baby is born. In South Asia, parents have a practice of squeezing the nose of the baby to make it go slimmer as it goes, as funny as it seems, it is actually a fact. Many age old nations around the world have their own practices as well.

Nose fillers are a treatment most resorted to by people who wish to re structure and beautify their noses. It is an approximately 30 minute procedure that revolves around injecting the nose with micro injectors. The procedure varies in duration between 9-18 months depending on the condition and requirement of the patient. The procedure charges depend upon a number of things, such as the amount of filler, the doctor’s experience and whether to continue during care examination.

Like rhinoplasty, it doesn’t last forever to get a nose filler. Note that every few months you need to get touch-ups done because the nose fillers are made from products that disintegrate directly into your skin you will need a follow-up appointment with your doctor. Their permanence depends on the product type.

The price also depends on the category of nose fillers being used. The nose fillers are categorized into three types in Singapore:

  • Older nose fillers
  • Newer hyaluronic acid (HA) Fillers
  • Semi-Permanent Fillers

The prices are as follows:

  • Nose filler price (for basic hyaluronic acid filler up to 1 year – depends case to case.
  • Nose Tip or Bridge Only SGD 400
  • Full Nose Bridge & Tip SGD 680 – 790

It is important to note that individual differences in sensitivity to the treatment may vary considerably. The above-mentioned costs are for general information purposes only and are specifically subject to the specific facts and circumstances, the actual anatomy and nature of the patient, the severity of treatment, the amount of the product used and the duration of treatment (as applicable). Therefore, prices can vary from the above data.

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