The Importance & Value Of Understanding Your Acne Type

Although beauty is believed by many to be best skin deep, still the importance of having a clear skin is one point where 80% of men and women agree upon. The biggest is to maintain a healthy skin over age and it is a fact that having acne is one of the major reasons that people resort to medical aids, extensive skin treatments and even cosmetic surgeries. As with acne comes the scars that remain for years and pose a major flaw in a person’s good looks.

Dermatologists in Singapore have categorized the acne scars into 3 basic types to diagnose and get rid of acne scars:

  1. Dented Scars: Which are commonly known as dents or folds into the skin and can be classified into three types: Ice pick scars, Boxcar Scars, and Rolling scars.
  2. Keloid Scars: Which are more or less similar to discoloration or marks
  3. Hyperpigmentation Scars: Mainly occurring as small pop-ups out of the skin along with skin flush.

To get rid of acne several steps can be taken :

1) Topical Medication: This type of medication can include several topical treatments including Antibiotic (bacterial treatment), benzyl Peroxide (peeling) and retinoid (anti-inflammatory effect). These medications can be in the form of cream or liquid that must be applied externally to the area of the affected skin to get results.

2) Intensive Treatments: Though topical medication may provide good results they need to be combined with an intensive procedure to be more effective with more lasting results. Therefore, Doctors in Singaporesuggest more intensive treatments to get rid of acne scars. Some of them are: Dermabrasion (skin resurfacing with tools), Chemical peels (to scratch the unhealthy tissue from the skin surface) and Laser treatment (Using light rays to target and diminish acne and spots)

Singapore doctors and dermatologists recommend taking care to ensure good skin health along with medical treatments. This can only happen when you have a healthy lifestyle and daily routine. Extra care in diet and exercise is also recommended for people with acne scars as treatments are only effective when skin is supplemented with good nutrients. Since preventive measures are always a good way of dealing with your skin, Singapore doctors suggest prevention before the cure.

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