The Various Gold Purity Standards When Buying Jewellery

Buying Singapore anniversary jewellery is truly a great experience. Gold is truly a valuable metal, which holds its value. It lasts longer with proper care. However, it is not easy to buy gold jewelry. According to karat, weight, and where you buy, gold prices may vary. So, you need to research and shop wisely to find the quality pieces.

Understand purity standards

The purity of gold is measured by its karats and is determined by its fineness. Purity is divided into 24 karats. For instance, 12 karat gold is 50% pure and 24 karat is 100% pure.

Choose the right purity

The value of gold is determined by its purity. You might be buying the gold ladies bracelet Singapore with less purity for some practical reasons. The 24 karat gold is known to be highly prone to damage and scratches and is very soft. Obviously pure gold is very costly as compared to alloyed variety. If you are looking for ladies bracelet Singapore for daily use, you may want 75% pure 18 karat gold to avoid damage.

Vermeil or plated gold

Vermeil and plated gold refers to the methods of dipping other metals to create coating in molten gold. It is relatively cheaper than pure variants and they are also prone to wear and tear.

Choose your color

Gold is usually available in pink, yellow, and white variants. It is also known as the green or rarer variety. Gold is usually mixed with other metals for green, white, and pink varieties.

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