Tips On How To Best Learn A New Language To Fluency

Children tend to pick up languages very quickly, whereas adults seem to take more effort to get a grasp of a new language. While it may be true that it is harder to pick up a new language as an adult learner, it does not mean it is an impossible task. These tips will give you some ideas on how to best learn a new language to fluency:

Set realistic goals

Learning a new language can be overwhelming if you think about all that you have yet to learn. However, you can make the process less intimidating by setting smaller goals for your learning. For example, you can aim to master 50 new words every week. By setting attainable goals, you get a confidence boost every time you reach your goal, which gives you the motivation to continue your learning journey.

Make language learning a lifestyle

It is challenging to learn a language if you don’t use it often. Thus, you should find ways to use it in your daily life. For example, keep a diary or Twitter account where you only use the new language. This way, it becomes a habit to use the language every day, and you can practise the usage of words that you have learnt, helping you remember them better. You should also expose yourself to the language by reading books or listening to music in that language.

Use the help of technology

Technology exists to make life easier, and it is no exception for learning. It can be as simple as setting your phone or browser language to the language you are learning. You can also use online resources like translators to help you learn new words on the go.

Practise with friends

The best way to practise a new language is to speak with others who use the language. As language is meant to be spoken, it is not enough to only know how to read and write the language. To truly get comfortable conversing in the language, you need to speak it. If you attend a language class, you can practise with your teacher and classmates. If not, look for neighbours, relatives, colleagues, or friends who are native speakers of the language. In conversing with them, you will learn the pronunciation and conventions of the language more easily.

Practise without fear

It is normal to make mistakes as a learner of a language. Accepting this fact will allow you to be more daring to go forth and speak in the language. Sometimes, the funny situations that language errors create can help you remember the correct way to speak. If you are afraid of speaking to a native speaker, you can begin by speaking to a young native speaker, such as a child. This way, you won’t feel as intimidated, and will soon grow more comfortable with the language.

Attend a language class

On top of all the methods mentioned, attending a language class is still one of the best ways to ensure you learn the language in an effective way. It can be difficult to teach yourself a language through books and online resources only, as you lack the systematic structure and feedback that helps you progress quicker. When you join a language class, you will be surrounded by like-minded people who are motivated to learn the language, and a teacher who is trained to impart language skills. With step-by-step, proven methods, you will be able to master the new language efficiently and enjoyably.

Are you considering picking up a new language? Use these tips in conjunction with a good language class to facilitate your learning! Check out the wide range of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese classes in Singapore, and soon you’ll be able to show off your new language skills to everyone you meet!

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