Unexpected Reasons Why Your Weight Stopped Dropping

Keeping to an exercise regime while watching your diet, in pursuit of weight loss is easier said than done. When the results don’t come as quickly as we had hoped, it’s inevitable for feelings of disappointment to arise. But have you wondered what exactly is keeping you from losing weight? Identifying and addressing these sneaky problems could help ignite your progress. So, here are some possible reasons why you might not be losing weight, as well as tips to overcome them.

1. You lack quality sleep

If you want to lose weight effectively, you’d need to ensure a good night’s rest with at least seven hours of sleep. This is because lack of sleep could make you feel hungry more regularly. Also, when you feel more tired, you’re less likely to have the energy to move around more often, which results in burning lesser calories.

To clock in more hours of good sleep, avoid drinking caffeinated beverages several hours before bedtime. Try to be consistent with the time you sleep and the time you get up each day too, to set a mental routine for your body.

2. You lead a sedentary lifestyle

With most of us still working remotely, our outside activities have reduced significantly. To add on to that, it means that we’re sitting down most of the time. Unfortunately, logging in an hour of exercise only at the end of work, might not be enough to compensate for the time spent being sedentary.

Instead, what you can do is to get moving within your four walls. While working, set a timer as a reminder for you to get moving every hour, for at least two minutes. You can jog on the spot or pace around your house. This way, you’re also getting more walking steps.

3. You’re under too much stress

Feeling too stressed and gaining weight go hand in hand. One of the many reasons is your eating habits. Whenever you’re under too much pressure, you tend to find yourself reaching for “comfort foods” that are often high in sugar, sodium and fat. Even if you don’t let your cravings get the best of you, stress can still stall weight loss through the overproduction of cortisol, which slows down your metabolism.

Check in with yourself throughout the day to take note of how you’re feeling. Dedicate 10 to 20 minutes of mindful medication. Aside from feeding the soul, don’t forget to consume balanced meals that are full of nutrition.

4. You’re experiencing a plateau

As your body gets used to the type of workout you’ve been doing, it’s natural for you to experience a weight loss plateau. By performing the same workout routine over again, your body will end up burning fewer calories than it initially did. And as you step on the scale each day, you’d begin feeling frustrated over how still your weight is.

To tackle this, try varying the type of workouts you do. Don’t just stick to cardio, try brisk walking or cycling a bicycle. Ironically, a lack of calories can also be a root cause. When you’re not consuming enough food, your body will end up conserving calories instead of burning them.

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