Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Employees During Holidays

Holidays can be tough for the workers who have to show up in the office, especially when their families are at home and want to spend time with them. It is essential not to take this for granted simply because you are giving them a paycheck.

As an employer, you can go the extra mile to show them how grateful you are for their hard work.

You can be more appreciative of them by:

Giving out incentives

Incentives can be given at your discretion. From cash vouchers to personalized stationery; they can make an employee feel like the effort that they are putting into their work is being noticed and acknowledged. You might decide to give them an extra, fully paid day off to spend time with their families. If you are unable to let them off for a full day, then you can make arrangements that will enable them to work for a half a day. You can also let them relax a bit and come to work in casual wear since it will be a holiday.

Writing personalized cards and notes by hand

You can go a bit further by having custom made cards that reflect the personalities of your employees made. You could take a picture with them and have it printed out on the card for every single person. You should write a personal note on all the cards to express your gratitude towards their hard work.

Make mention of their achievements on the cards as well; this will be a great motivation for them to put in even more effort. Don’t forget to thank the family too for the support that they give him.

Giving them a business-funded trip

It may sound too expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can treat the entire family to a trip or vacation within the country. This will help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. You could give them tickets to a local amusement park, pay for their entrance fees to an aquarium, or even gift them a lunch voucher at a nice family restaurant.

Getting them personal and practical gifts

A good employer should know his or her employees well. This knowledge can help them understand what kind of people they have hired and what usually tickles their fancy. You can take time and invest in something that really matters to them in case they are struggling with their health; you can gift them a gym membership. If one of your employees is going through a hard time and they need to have some time to relax, then getting them a spa voucher can go a long way. You can also shop for more practical corporate gifts such as a personalised leather wallet in Singapore or purchase non-woven bags wholesale through a non woven bag supplier in Singapore.

Having dinner together with your team

If you are at the helm of a small and manageable team, then you can organize to have dinner with them after work. Go the extra mile and host them at your home. This will be a way of letting them in your space hence make your relationship closer. If you are unable to do this, then you can take them out to a nice restaurant and then pick up the tab instead.

Whichever way you decide to appreciate your staff, do it from the heart because your employees can easily tell whether or not you’re being genuine.

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