What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Face Regularly?

There is a need to wash our face regularly for many good reasons. From preventing acne breakouts to removing build up, having the habit of washing your face can bring about many benefits.

Advantages aside, there are also the downsides of not washing your face. When you don’t start on this habit, you are allowing yourself the opportunity for skin issues.

Acne breakouts

Having acne-prone skin and not washing your face will only make your skin condition worse. All the dirt and oil build up will only cause more pimples to appear and clog your pores.

Even if you’re not someone who is easily vulnerable to pimples, you will soon realise that not washing your face will eventually cause them to start appearing.

To prevent such a thing from happening, pick up the habit of washing your face with a cleanser or facial wash. Those with acne-prone skin should make the effort of getting one that is formulated with acne-fighting ingredients.

Ageing skin

When you let all that makeup, dirt and oil accumulate on your face – you are hindering the skin’s ability to renew itself. And without sufficient sleep – you are also disallowing your skin from repairing itself.

All these habits will cause your skin to look worn out. Ageing skin signs like wrinkles and pigment spots will start popping up. It’s time to start picking up this habit, by washing your face regularly or look for a facial package, it will not only address any current skin problems you have now but even brighten your skin and give it the glow you desire.

Dryness of skin

Your skin will consistently need sufficient moisture. It is not only for removing all the dirt and oil from your face, but to prevent it from being dry.

A moisturiser may be the key to packing your skin with moisture, but before you get to that part you will have to start by cleansing your skin. Make sure you wash your face properly before proceeding to apply your moisturiser.

Oily skin

Everyone’s skin type differs from person to person. If dry skin can occur when you don’t wash your face, the same goes for oily skin.

The build-up of skin cells can lead to greasy-looking skin. As a result, other issues like blackheads and wrinkles will appear. Get a hold of a facial wash which is oil-free to cleanse your face and keep your skin clear.

Enlarged pores

All the impurities like excess oil and dead skin cells because of air pollution or your makeup will cause your pores to become clogged – making them look bigger than usual.

Come up with a skincare routine, stick to it every day and you will get rid of all the extra bacteria that is clogging your pores. If not, book a facial treatment session from time to time if you want to keep your skin clear. Aestheticians are trained and will know the exact facial treatment to help with your skin situation.

Dull skin

When you don’t remove your makeup and leave it on for a long period of time, specifically when you’re asleep – you are preventing your skin from doing its rightful job of self-repairing.

Moreover, your skin will start to lose its lustre and appear dull and grey. So, always remove your makeup before you get your beauty sleep. You can either do it with a makeup remover such as wipes or a use a cleanser to wash it off.

Skipping the habit of washing your face regularly is not only stopping you from getting clear and healthy skin – you may gain even more skin problems.

A regular face wash goes a long way in ensuring youthful radiance and glow, while minimizing chances of acne breakout or premature ageing.

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