Why Long-Term Rental of Event Furnishings is the Best Choice

Whether you’re an venue owner or a hotelier, we can all agree that planning and executing a successful event is no easy feat. Regardless of the size of your function, putting every detail together in time is bound to pose a challenge. There are just so many factors to consider — be it sending out the invitations to guests, planning the seating arrangement or arranging for food and beverages. What doesn’t usually come to mind at once, however, is the chairs and tables. Event furniture just so happens to be one of the most crucial aspects of any event. After all, the guests in attendance are going to need a place to sit, eat, and make conversation.

Furnishings undoubtedly plays an undeniable part in leaving a lasting impression on guests. Here are the reasons why long term rental of event furniture is more often the better choice over simply renting on per day basis or purchasing them.

Convenience during peak periods
For venue owners who are hosting a wedding or a formal corporate conference, getting the list of confirmed guests is usually one of the biggest challenges faced. While it is essential to ensure that there are ample seats available for every expected guest, it is always good to cater for more. The option of tables and chairs rental for long-term allows greater flexibility in accommodating a party of practically any size and changes in the eleventh hour. This can be a life-saver during peak periods when more people are planning to get married or hold conferences and seminars.

This also comes in handy for events that are held at short notice, especially when furniture stocks all around Singapore can be low during peak seasons. By stocking up the tables and chairs in advance in preparation for the peak seasons, venue owners will always be ready to take in last-minute bookings, and without turning away potential clients.

Free up storage space in the long run
Oftentimes, a common mistake made by those looking to host events is the miscalculation of storage space needed for the stock of purchased chairs and tables once the event is over. At the end of the peak season, the table and chair rentals can be returned to the vendor after use rather than having to be stored away. This way, it will avoid taking up sparse storage space which could otherwise be used for other purposes. Let’s just imagine for a 500-pax conference, how much space is needed to store the chairs after the event ends? It’s easy enough to decide when you make a
side-by-side comparison. What would you choose from between an unlimited inventory to make your selection from or a limited one consisting only of pieces you’ve purchased and stored? The long-term rental option allows event organisers to freely take their pick from an extensive range of available furnishings.

More cost-efficient in the long-term
The cost of even the cheapest and most basic chairs and tables will eventually add up, especially if you’re looking to seat a medium to a large group size. Purchasing large amount of event furniture to host several events throughout the year may require one to pay for both the storage and shipping fees, which can be a rather costly expense. That’s especially so when you consider that during the off-peak seasons, the furniture might not even be put to use at all, making the amount you’re forking out not worthwhile since you’re hardly turning a profit. With long-term rentals, on the other hand, only a single one-time payment is necessary—usually at a fraction of the purchase price. Hence, leasing for the long-term is more cost-efficient as compared to renting on a per-event basis.

No maintenance necessary
If you’re considering the option of buying event furniture as your own asset, it’s essential to factor in the upkeep required to maintain them. The alternative option of renting, however, will likely guarantee that all the rented tables and chairs are delivered to the event venue in proper working condition. Since it’s handled by the vendors, this frees you from having to worry over sudden last-minute repairs or maintenance. Moreover, if you do hire the services of a rental company, they are able to provide manpower for the delivery and set-up of the furniture, saving you time and effort which could be better spent on more pressing matters that would inevitably occur in the mayhem of the big day. After the first event is over, the furniture can be used to turnover for the upcoming events till peak period ends, with minimal basic maintenance.

More room for creativity
Renting event furniture gives event planners the freedom to select the colors and styles of furniture pieces that are able to complement the event theme. Finding an experienced supplier will ensure an array of high-quality rental furnishings to work with, so that there are fewer constraints in your quest to bring each and every client’s vision to life. For instance, wedding chair rentals like simple garden benches could be utilised for a garden-themed marriage ceremony. Meanwhile, the elegant design of the cushion chairs can make it an appropriate choice for more formal occasions such as product launches or press releases.

Nowadays, clients remain constantly on the lookout for something new to take their events to the next level. The most effective way to do so and make an event memorable is through creating an ambience with the help of lighting, furniture and accessories. In fact, unique furniture solutions like long term chair rentals may just be key to turning an ordinary occasion into an unforgettable experience.

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