Yacht Charter: 7 Activities To Impress Your Corporate Guests

Hosting a corporate event aboard a yacht is a great alternative to banquet halls or restaurants. Creating an immersive experience while attendees are onboard is the key to success.

Whether you want to celebrate a huge accomplishment or encourage employees to foster better teamwork – entertainment at a corporate event contributes a large portion to its victory.

Hence, before you decide to hire a boat and start planning for the event – to make sure all attendees are engaged and entertained, here are a couple of ideas you can try out!

Play catchbox

Catchbox is a square object in which a microphone is attached to. During a Q&A session, attendees can sit in a group or circle. A facilitator can ask a question, and then once someone is ready to answer the microphone is thrown to them. This creates a livelier session.

Feel free to ask any questions that are work-related, or break the ice by popping over slightly personal questions to really get to know your colleagues or partners!

Virtual reality scavenger hunt

Games like Pokemon Go has become a popular past time. Players have to find hidden creatures or clues logged in on a digital mapping system. You can apply this concept with landmarks that you will sail past while on the yacht.

If you have sufficient budget, spice up the corporate yacht charter by using a special ARVR tech system to customise your own scavenger hunt that is relevant to the area you’ll be sailing through.

Live entertainment

Invest in a local band to play dance or background music. Live bands create a special atmosphere and have been tried and tested to be very successful.

So, why not showcase some of your attendees’ singing skills by giving them a platform where they can perform with their own garage band?

They may even end up unleashing some sort of hidden potential, and it means a win-win situation for guests who’ll be watching the performance, because an exciting show awaits!

Visual artists

Especially for companies in the arts and culture industry, a live visual artist is a great idea.

All you need to do is first find a little corner on the boat where the artist can set up and paint or draw while cruising. Some artists can even create portrait sketches or funny caricatures of your guests; this will perk up the crowd and even let them bring home an adorable souvenir!

Moreover, depending on the event, you can use a visual artist to raise funds for charities or special future projects.


It can be a lot of fun having a performer impersonate some of the most famous celebrities in history. Hire an Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, or Michael Jackson impersonator to entertain the crowd and sing a few classics.

Photo booths

It’s an oldie but a goodie. A fun photo booth with your company logo on the backdrop and some readily available props is a great entertainment activity. You can even hire a photographer to take the photos and print them out on the spot.

This will give your guests a little memento to remember the event by.

Mixology class

If you are in the food and beverage industry, or if your attendees like the acquired taste of mixed drinks, then a mixology class is a unique entertainment activity.

In groups, attendees can create their own cocktail, and mocktail mixes that they can enjoy a little bit later.

When you stick to the event goals and budget while incorporating specific entertainment and activities that cater to your audience, the event will be a smashing success.

All that’s left for you to do is ensure you get in touch with the right company for the ideal private yacht rental, and you’re all set for your trip by the sea. Right now, we are still has our Phase 2 promotions ongoing, whereas prices begin from $999 onwards.

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